It all started with a patch of dirt in the forest

In the heart of Portugal, nestled beside the remote beach of Maceda, you’ll find a gem unlike any other – Maceda Surf Camp. Our enchanting tale begins with Joao Diogo, a pioneer Portuguese surfer, and his ambition to create a unique surf retreat near Porto that was close to nature.

An experienced surfer with a successful surf school at Matosinhos beach, Joao sought tranquillity away from the city bustle. In a serene garden backed by a forest and a mere 5 minute drive from two different beaches, he laid the foundation of Maceda Surf Camp.

“Upon arriving in Maceda I feel nature relaxing my mind. The surf, the walks and the garden… they balance my body and soul. And all this only 30 km from Porto!”
Joao Diogo

maceda surf camp - concept - adventure
maceda surf camp - concept -  adventure

The camp is a testament to creativity and sustainability, with rooms named after famous surfing waves and constructed using 70% recycled material. Picture a pipe cabin named Supertubos in the middle of the garden and two rooms, Backdoor and Pipeline, connected in a wave shape, bearing testament to Joao’s passion.

Fast forward to May 2022 and we have current hosts Loïc, Rachel and Kate crossing paths with Joao. They quickly discovered that they share a similar vision of running an eco-friendly, nature-connected camp, and proposed managing the place.

“Stepping for the first time into this charming place, we felt inspired,
and we could already see happy times filling the space”
Loïc & Rachel

Now, with the keys to the camp firmly in their hands (and their trusty dog Niki waiting to receive guests), they’re embarking on an extraordinary journey and breathing new life into our surf camp.

With your help, Maceda Surf Camp is set to become a back-to-nature alternative to busier Porto surf experience providers with its own singular identity.

Are you ready to become part of the Maceda Surf Camp story?

A natural oasis of waves and woods

Sitting less than 5 minutes drive from two stunning beaches and only 40 minutes from Porto, our camp is a convenient escape from not just the big city, but also from everyday life.

The closest beach is Cortegaça, which is a long stretch of white sand with traditional fishing boats scattered along the shoreline. It’s perfect for surfing, peaceful walks, watching the sunset and swimming.

Slightly south of Cortegaça is Maceda Beach, which is where we run our surf lessons. With towering pines sitting atop sand dunes and very few crowds, it’s yet to be overrun by tourists. This means it’s the ideal beach to catch waves with new and old friends, and connect with the raw beauty of nature.

As for our camp location, you couldn’t ask for a more tranquil spot. Sandwiched between a quiet street and an expansive pine forest, it gives you the distinct feel that you’re surrounded by nature while still being close to all the amenities you might need.

We call it home, but you might call it a natural oasis. And with our focus on sustainability and preserving the environment, we aim to keep it that way for generations to come.

maceda surf camp - concept -  adventure
maceda surf camp - concept -  adventure

A day in the life of a Maceda Surf Camp guest

Wondering what a typical day at our Northern Portugal surf camp looks like? Well, no two days are the same. We aim to surf when the conditions are best. This means our daily schedule is set the night before. That said, here’s what a day could look like:

  • You wake up to the sound of birds chirping and head outside to take in the fresh air
  • After a nourishing breakfast, you grab your surf gear and hop in our van for a short drive to Maceda Beach
  • You spend the morning catching waves, with our instructors guiding you every step of the way
  • After an exhilarating surf session, we head back to camp for a delicious lunch and some downtime
  • In the afternoon, it’s your call! Feel like joining a restorative yoga session? Or are you down for an adventure?
  • As the sun sets, we gather around the bonfire for some marshmallow roasting and storytelling
  • After dinner, you can choose to relax in a hammock or join a game night with your fellow campers
  • Before heading to bed, take a moment to appreciate the peacefulness of the forest and the stars above
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